#Tao te Ching 43

The softest thing Crushes the hardest; Only the insubstantial Can penetrate the solid— This is how we know The way of non-coercion Is the most effective way. Few are those who can follow A teaching beyond words; Few can follow A way of non-coercion. Advertisements


Those with the most Appear to have the least. The virtue of The Way Looks lax; the solidest Truth looks like sand; Its sharpest edge Has no corner; Its loudest sound Makes no noise at all. It is amorphous, Unfinished. It is the shadow of a shadow. The Way is hidden, Is nameless; The Way … More #Tao

#Tao 38

The wisest do not strive, Therefore are most effective. The lackluster never cease striving, And therefore achieve little. The wisest never force, knowing Force gets nothing done. The wisest bring compassion Because they do not think about it. The wisest create justice Because they do not worry about it. Those concerned only with propriety Have … More #Tao 38

#Tao te Ching

The Way goes unnamed. If everyone could remember this, All would go by nature. Then, Anytime we forgot, simplicity Would be a sufficient reminder. Simplicity would remind and We would stop reaching. Without reaching we would Find the un-named. And The world would find its order.

#Tao te Ching 34

The essence of The Way Is everywhere, left and right. It gives all and takes nothing. It accomplishes all and claims nothing. It clothes all, feeds all, yet Never seeks mastery. There it is, among The smallest of things. Since it is master of all Yet claims no mastery It is the greatest of things. … More #Tao te Ching 34