#tao te Ching 64

A thing at rest is easy to catch;
What has not yet arrived
Is easy to stop. The small
Is easily scattered.
Act before the event has arrived;
Order should be established
Before disorder has begun.

The tree to large to hug
Began as the tiniest sprout;
The tallest tower rises
On a heap of dirt.
The journey of a thousand miles
Begins with a single step.

Those acting only for themselves do harm;
Those who grasp lose their hold.
Wise ones do otherwise, never rushing.
As much care of the end
As of the beginning means success.

The wise do not wish for
What others wish for,
And do not overreach.
The wise desire
What others do not;
The wise see
What others pass by.
Thus the wise assists
Natural developments in all things

Never acting for self alone.


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