Mind Training #Buddhism

A poem based on the text Lojong by Geshe Chekhawa

The Sixth Point: Disciplines of Training the Mind

Slogan 23. Always keep in mind intention; action; balance.
Slogan 24. Change your attitude, but look the same.
Slogan 25. Don’t talk about others.
Slogan 26. Don’t try to figure out what others are thinking.
Slogan 27. Work with your biggest issues first.
Slogan 28. Abandon any hope of results.
Slogan 29. Abandon unhealthy food.
Slogan 30. Don’t be so predictable.
Slogan 31. Don’t talk bad about others.
Slogan 32. Don’t wait in ambush.
Slogan 33. Don’t go ballistic.
Slogan 34. Don’t transfer the ox’s load to the cow.
Slogan 35. Don’t try to be the fastest.
Slogan 36. Don’t act with ulterior motives.
Slogan 37. Don’t make good things into evil things.
Slogan 38. Don’t seek another’s pain for your own benefit.


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