The Danger is in Not Being You

There is a story about Rabbi Zushya who, when he was dying, told his students that he was very afraid.


The students were shocked and said, “But rabbi, you have always told us that God is full of love and kindness!”


“I’m not afraid of God,” said Rabbi Zushya. “I know that God will not ask me why I was not Moses or Isaiah.  I’m afraid that God will ask me why I wasn’t Zushya.”

You will never be asked why you are not Moses or Jesus or Mohammed or Gandhi.  But it is of the greatest importance that you be you.   Christian saint and mystic Francis de Sales said, “Be who you are and be that perfectly well.” This view of what religion means has long been the practice of mystics, but is only slowly coming into mainstream religious thinking. Bishop John Shelby Spong wrote, “The way to what human beings have traditionally called God is not through some external projection of our needs, but through entering the depth dimensions of the human experience. The divine we have always sought turns out to be a dimension of the human.” 

As I see it, being our authentic selves requires first, knowing that we are not god; second, knowing that we are part of a much greater and very beautiful whole; and knowing that all will be well and every manner of thing will be well.






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