Tao 12

Too many colors confuse The sight; too much music Deafens; too many flavors Numb the mouth; A wild chase shakes The mind; Precious objects rob Right action. So the enlightened Satisfy the belly, Not the eye. Avoiding one, The other is easy. Advertisements

Tao 5

The cosmos is neither “good” nor “evil” by human standards. The cosmos treats all like a straw dog. Earthly rulers too treat others like so many straw dogs. The space between heaven and earth is empty like a bellows, moving and moving and out comes more. Take care with what is within yourself; the outside … More Tao 5

Tao 11

Thirty spokes make A wheel, yet it is The hole at the center That makes it work. Clay forms bowls yet It is the hollowness that Makes them useful. Walls make a room yet The empty space Is where we live. What is there is useful, Yet so is what is not.