Daodejing 2

 When everyone agrees on the beautiful, that is ugliness.   When all agree on what is excellent, there is nothing good.   Seen and unseen flow  from each other.   The difficult and the easy go round and around.   Long and short; high and low;   before and after;  noise and music—   one … More Daodejing 2

Daodejing 1

  A way that  can be walked is not The Way  of the creative  universe.    A name that  can be named  is not  the lasting name of the creative universe.   Without name, The Way  of the creative universe  is origin of all that is;  named, a way creates all we see.   Reaching, … More Daodejing 1

Daodejing 71

  Knowing that we do not know— that is the greatest achievement.   Not knowing when we think we know is a sickness.    Being sick of this sickness is the only way to health.   The enlightened heal because they know the disease.