from Amos: Confessions of a Major Minor Prophet

Cause and Effect is Where It’s At


We shepherds. We know cause and effect. Or, put more properly, we know what kind of manure comes up when some manure goes down.


The problem for us prophets is that when you know—exactly—what’s up and what’s going to happen, you’ve just got to say your truth.


Par exemple:


Two people walking together? Guess what—they have met.


Ergo sum,” ya know.


Lion roars—he’s about to jump on something.


A lion growls—that’’s different. Means he’s caught himself something.


It’s all ergo sum


Par exemple:


Ever see a bird fall unless she’s in a net?


Ever see a trap tripped without something trippin it?


Ever hear the warning trumpet and no one lookin alarmed?


That’s the way I logic-ed with people. Cause and effect. Ergo sum stuff. 


Sure, in my time everybody thought some god or other did everything. Ergo sum, ya work with that. You ask a simple question: “Does a disaster happen and YHWH didn’t do it?”


If you get to the QED on that one, then it’s all set up—you just gotta describe the disaster in compelling detail, ya know?


Lion roars, there’s fear.

YHWH speaks, it’s time to prophesy!


A shepherd out there in the country, way beyond help. A shepherd like me. I learned cause and effect. I got at the ergo sum. I could see that when some manure comes up, there’s other manure gonna come down.


Don’t think a dark, dark night won’t talk to you. 


Oh, it will.


I’ve got some par exemples.



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