Meditations on Spirituality (I-VI)


 Religion, from the Latin religare, “to bind fast”

(folk etymology–origin unknown).


Religion is the software of humanity

bound by geography and time,

by culture and language

(until recently. Now not as much).


Spirituality, from the Latin spiritus, “breath.” 

Spirituality is the hardware–

the stuff of human consciousness itself. 





Religion, religare, binding and boundary.

Spirituality, spiritus, intentional breathing

with the purpose of changing consciousness.





Religion is the symbol system

carried into the spiritual experience.


Spirituality is the experience

informed by the symbol system.





Spiritual experience is 

mystical experience,


experience that feels 

beyond symbols and systems. 




Religions offer scenarios

of meaning and purpose

that remain prose–stricture

and insistence. Spirituality 

is the poetry; the embodiment

of meaning and purpose. 




Religion is often a method

of saving the self. 


Spirituality pushes toward

escape from the self


to save the world.



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