Meditations on Spirituality and Religion (VII-XII)


Religion offers answers;
spirituality poses questions.

The quality
of a life
depends upon
the quality
of the questions.


Religion is conformity
to a perceived
preexisting tradition,
building ego walls against

Spirituality is self-examination
revealing that the self
is a myth and its ego-formations


Religion is thought;
spirituality is experience.


Religion is the manipulation
of pre(scribed) symbols.
It is about a time before.

Spirituality is the manipulation
of consciousness and breath.
It is about now.


Religion often ignores the body
or seeks to control its actions
because tradition is control
and control is tradition.

Spirituality often uses poses and intoxicants
in addition to the manipulation of breath

because they alter consciousness,
breaking old psychic patterns,
which is the purpose of spiritual practice.


When the prose
of religion fractures,

then the poetry
of spirituality flows.


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