Daodejing 30

To assist a leader in The Way of the creative universe do not look to force– the result is predictable. Wherever an army is, briars and thorns spring up. Large armies lead to hunger. A skillful commander strikes a decisive blow, never seeking total victory. He will win, then guard against his own arrogance. He … More Daodejing 30

Daodejing 29

Try to seize a nation and so find failure. Nations are living things, so cannot be got by grasping. Those who attempt to conquer will destroy. Those who grasp will find nothing to hold. It is The Way of the creative universe that front becomes back; warm turns to freezing, strong becomes weak; storehouses empty … More Daodejing 29

Daodejing 28

Know masculine energy. Know feminine energy. Thus become a flowing stream, strong and full, containing all of humanity, just like a newborn babe. Know the pure. Value the impure. Thus become a valley strong and full, just like unworked wood. Know the light. Value the dark. Thus become a example, strong and full, containing the … More Daodejing 28