Daodejing 22

Part becomes whole;
crooked, straight;
empty, full;
the wrecked, new.

Those with few desires
get them;
those with many
do not.

For this reason those free
of themselves embrace oneness
and humbleness in the world.

Those free of themselves
are free from egotism.
Therefore, they shine;

they are free from showiness,
therefore are distinguished;

free from bragging,
therefore noticed;
free from self-complacency,
therefore, accomplished.

Because those free
of themselves
do not strive,
no one strives
against them.

In the old days it was said,
“The partial becomes complete.”
This is not a vain saying.


3 thoughts on “Daodejing 22

      1. No. Thank you! It really is great. Seems to get to the heart of things… it feels as though there’s more Lao Tzu than you if that makes any sense… free from ego or overly worked “personal interpretations” but without sounding so literal a translation as to appear dry or confusing. 22 is one of my favourites… and this gave me some new perspectives. Thanks again.

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