Benediction for the Wind (on the occasion of a killer tornado)

     What better way to  get people praying than to remind us of random chance?   What better way than the cold logic of air rising, falling, killing   here, not there; this one, not that.   Where I come from we name them by a year: 2011,  1957, 1925, and remember deaths, 695, … More Benediction for the Wind (on the occasion of a killer tornado)

Daodejing 42

One originates in The Way of the creative universe; that one produces two; two produces three; three produces all that is. All things leave behind the obscurity from whence they come, moving to embrace the brightness into which they go, harmonizing in the breath of the void. We wish for friends; wish for achievement; long … More Daodejing 42

Daodejing 27

Skillful travelers leave no trace, neither of wheel nor footstep. Skill speakers make no remarks, neither fault nor blame. Skillful mathematicians need no calculators. Skillful carpenters need neither bolt nor bar, yet what they shut no one opens. Skillful binders use no strings or knots, yet untying their work is impossible. Those free of their … More Daodejing 27

The Duke and a Wheelwright by Zhuangzi

Once there was a duke  sitting under his canopy  reading philosophy. Nearby, there happened to be  a wheelwright making a wheel. The wheelwright put down his tools and walked over to the duke.  The wheelwright said, “Sir, may I ask what you’re reading?” “Philosophers and professors,” said the duke. “Living or dead?” asked the wheelwright. … More The Duke and a Wheelwright by Zhuangzi