Daodejing 43

The softest thing may crush the hardest; only the insubstantial can penetrate the solid— this is how we know The Way of never forcing is the most effective way. Only a few can follow a teaching beyond words; only a few can follow a way that never pushes. Advertisements

Daodejing 40

The Way moves in circles—spirals; because of its weakness, The Way is mighty. Everything under the sky, all of existence in all its names, sprang to being from this absence, this unnamed.

Arguing Over the Light

All religions, all this singing, 
one song. Rumi
 1. A poet I met once,Leslie Scalapino, said“stay in continualconceptual rebellion.” She thought we must“re-form” our minds,“make it new, every day,”as Pound put it, or fall for the snake oil routinesof all the drummers andaskers around us. “No” to con-vention,she thought, checkingout of the general meetingwhere the … More Arguing Over the Light

Daodejing 39

Some things have known the Way from the beginning— the sky in its clarity; the earth in its solidity; the spirit in its vitality; the valleys in their fullness; the wise one who have have realized the oneness of life. All these result from The Way of the creative universe. If the sky had not … More Daodejing 39

Daodejing 38

The wise do not strive and are therefore effective. The lackluster never stop striving, and therefore achieve little. The wise never force, knowing force gets nothing done. The wise bring compassion because they aren’t thinking about it. The wise create justice because they don’t worry about it. Those concerned with appearances have good reason to … More Daodejing 38