Daodejing 39

Some things
have known
the Way from
the beginning—

the sky in its clarity;
the earth in its solidity;
the spirit in its vitality;
the valleys in their fullness;

the wise one who have have
realized the oneness of life.

All these result from The Way
of the creative universe.

If the sky had not found clarity
would it not have fallen to pieces?

If the earth had not found solidity
would it not have collapsed?

If the spirit had not found vitality
would it ever have gotten lively?

If the valleys had not found fullness
would they not have dried up?

If some wise ones had not realized
the oneness of life wouldn’t all be chaos?

Complexity requires simple roots;
loftiness requires a firm foundation;

This is why wise ones call themselves
lonely; inept. By so saying,
they acknowledge the humbleness
of human roots.

The greatest dignity
is to feel no dignity;

to be as precious as jade we
must be as common as stone.



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