Daodejing 54

What is planted according to The Way cannot be uprooted; what is grasped according to The Way cannot be snatched away or dropped. With The Way, the human chain grows long and excellent. Cultivation of excellence in the self creates integrity; cultivation of excellence in the family creates abundance; cultivation of excellence in the community … More Daodejing 54

Daodejing 52

The Way of the creative universe is mother of all. When the mother is found, we know the children, knowing that good children listen to their mother. When we listen we live without exertion, without even breathing hard. Then, even when breath stops, there is nothing to fear. The secret to clear-sightedness is to see … More Daodejing 52

Daodejing 51

The Way of the creative universe produces all things, feeds all things in its effulgence. Each thing forms according to its nature. Each thing completes according to its condition. In this all things honor The Way, joying in its fecundity. Honoring The Way, celebrating its effulgence, does not feel like an obligation— it is natural. … More Daodejing 51

Daodejing 50

We come out of the earth and live; We die and enter the earth again. Out of every ten, three are out to save their own lives, and three are out to kill. Another three think they serve life, but spread death instead. Why? Because they are trying too hard. But one in ten—that one … More Daodejing 50

Daodejing 49

Those free of themselves have no preconceptions; theirs is the mind of humanity. To those kind to us, we are kind; to those unkind to us, we are kind. Therefore, all is kindness. To those sincere with us, we are sincere; to those insincere, we are sincere. Therefore, allis sincerity. Those free of themselves appear … More Daodejing 49