Daodejing 62

The Way of the creative universe is the most respected of things to the virtuous, more valuable than wealth. The Way does good even to the bad. Following The Way brings respect; even those who do not follow it gain from it. So, when you see the trappings of respect, don’t look for your own … More Daodejing 62

Daodejing 59

Gentleness best serves both the self and others. Only by gentleness do we see the wisdom of harmony in cultivating the self and overcoming obstacles— all obstacles that come by— until we don’t know our own strength. This is how to be a leader and how to live a healthy life— like a plant with … More Daodejing 59

Daodejing 60

Leading a large group is like cooking a small fish. Lead according to The Way of the creative universe and the demons are powerless— not that they disappear, but they can do no harm. Since those free of themselves do not hurt people, no one gets hurt when leaders lead according to The Way.

Daodejing 58

Leaders who know themselves lead people who practice wisdom. A heavy hand creates pushback. Sadness and happiness sit side-by-side. Happiness waits inside sadness. Who can know which will happen when? If force leads to distortion and good implies bad, does that mean there can be no direction? It’s easy to see why people get confused! … More Daodejing 58