Daodejing 70

My words are easy to understand, easy to practice, yet so few practice them. My words originate in the origin, the motions of the universe itself. Yet so few follow my words, so few follow The Way of the creative universe. Those who know are rare, a treasure. Even dressed in rags, these few are … More Daodejing 70

Daodejing 69

It’s wiser to be a guest than a host. It’s wiser to retreat a foot than advance an inch– this is advancing without aggression; this is vigilance without weapons; this is victory without fighting. No disaster is greater than thoughtless violence. Doing just the opposite wins every time.

Daodejing 68

Wise leaders act without aggression— no anger, no attacking. Wise leaders act without assumption, bringing out the best in others. Action without aggression is in harmony with all that is. Therefore it convinces others. It is the ancient path of unity.

Daodejing 67

Everyone knows The Way  of the creative universe  is true, yet everyone calls  its teachings impossible.    It’s impossibility is its truth.    I have three treasures— humbleness, moderation, love.   With humbleness I can live  without expectations.  With moderation I can be generous. With love I can be brave.   Too often we forget … More Daodejing 67