Daodejing 66

Because they are low, rivers and seas drink from mountain streams. When it comes to leading, be like that—be humble— behind is actually in front. In this way no one feels oppressed. In this way leaders are praised, not blamed. When leaders don’t push, no one pushes back.

Daodejing 65

Once upon a time those who practiced The Way led centered, grounded people. Crafty leaders lead crafty people, and craftiness is trouble. Grounded leaders are a blessing. Remember this. The way to find right behavior is deep contemplation. This creates the sort of leader people want to follow.

Daodejing 64

A still thing is easy to catch; what has not arrived is easy to stop. The fragmented is easy to scatter. so, act before an event has happened. Order is best established before disorder has begun. The tree too large to wrap your arms around began as a tiny sprout; the tallest tower rises on … More Daodejing 64

Daodejing 63

To act without action is the way of The Way– to do without worry; to savor without gorging; to see the big as small, and the few as many; to repay injury with kindness. Those free of themselves see difficulties when all is going well and little problems while they are still little. The huge … More Daodejing 63