Daodejing 81

 Sincere words are not fancy; fancy words are not sincere.    The good do not quarrel;  the quarrelsome are not good.   Learning will never grasp  the way of the creative universe— grasping does not lead to wisdom.   Those free of themselves  do not hold back—the more  they give, the more they have.    … More Daodejing 81

Daodejing 79

If a grudge is left after a reconciliation of great anger, what has been accomplished? Those free of themselves seek reconciliation without pushing their opponents. Those who follow the way of the creative universe do more than what is favorable to themselves. The way of the creative universe cares for no side except that of … More Daodejing 79

To Becoming Silent

by Pablo Neruda (translation by David Breeden) Now, let’s all count to twelve,then keep still. For once on this earth,let’s speak in no language.For once let’s stopand not move our arms so much. That would be a fragrant moment,without hurry,without movement;we would all be togetherin an instantaneous . . . disquiet. The fisherman in the … More To Becoming Silent

Daodejing 78

Nothing is as soft and supple as water, yet nothing hard stands up to it because it cannot be stopped. Anyone can see how the soft overcomes the hard, the weak the strong, yet who puts this into practice? Those free of themselves have said, “Take a thankless job and become king of the world.” … More Daodejing 78

Daodejing 77

The way of the creative universe is like stringing a bow: the top comes down, the bottom goes up. Just so the creative universe gives to what has little, takes from what has a lot. It is the way of the creative universe to give and to take. People do not do this— we take … More Daodejing 77