Daodejing 5

The universe is neither  “good” nor “evil” outside of human standards.   The universe treats all things like so many straw dogs.   Earthly rulers treat people like so many straw dogs.   The space between sky and earth is empty,  like a bellows, moving   and moving, and out comes more.   Take care … More Daodejing 5

Daodejing 4

The Way of the creative universe is emptiness. It never fills up. The Way of the creative universe is deep. It is source of everything. The Way of the creative universe blunts edges, untangles knots; it blends light and dark and brings all things into harmony. The Way of the creative universe goes on and … More Daodejing 4

Daodejing 3

When the privileged are not promoted because of privilege,   no one wrangles.   When fancy things are not prized, no one steals.   Only disorder results from desire for things.   Those free of themselves encourage contented minds and hearts, basic needs.   Those free of themselves discourage grasping and strengthen bones.   Those … More Daodejing 3

Daodejing 2

When everyone agrees on the beautiful, that is ugliness. When all agree on excellence, there is nothing good. Seen and unseen flow from each other. The difficult and the easy go round and round. Long and short; high and low; before and after; noise and music— each depends upon the other. This is why those … More Daodejing 2

Daodejing 1

A way that can be walked is the opposite of The Way of the creative universe. A name that can be named is not the lasting name. Without name, The Way is origin of all that is; named, a way creates all we see. Reaching, we find edges. Without reaching, we find essence; All has … More Daodejing 1