Daodejing 11

No matter how many spokes a wheel may have, it is the hole  at the center that makes it work.   Clay makes cups and bowls,  yet it is the hollowness that makes them useful.    Walls make a room, yet  the empty space between is where we live.    What is there  is useful; … More Daodejing 11

Daodejing 10

Body and mind embrace. With attention to the breath, we can become gentle.   With attention to thoughts, we clear away flaws.   Loving people and leading must be done without pride.   The sky’s gate opens and shuts in birth and in death,  yin and yang changing,   and on. And on.   Those … More Daodejing 10

Daodejing 9

A cup filled to the brim is hard to carry. Keep sharpening a point, and it becomes dull. A house filled with gold and jade becomes unsafe. When wealth and honors create arrogance, the harvest is tragedy. The Way of the creative universe lies in doing the work, then stopping.

Daodejing 8

The most useful of things is water. It benefits all   as it seeks the lowest places without expectations.   For a house, the question  is location. For the mind,  the question is depth.   When it comes to giving, nature is the model;   when it comes to speaking, it is care with words. … More Daodejing 8