Daodejing 20

Stop seeing distinctions  and there are no worries— the difference between  “no” and “yes” is so small;    the difference between good and bad.    Those who fear are to be feared.    Distinctions:   the multitude enjoy themselves, as if at a banquet or on a tower in spring. The Daoist looks listless and … More Daodejing 20

Daodejing 19

Forget wisdom; stop being an expert; then everybody  is better off.   When we stop  talking about justice,  we will find honest compassion.   When we drop rhetoric and forget scheming, there will be  no more theft.    Three things lead  toward understanding  the way of the universe:   See simply;  act in accord with … More Daodejing 19

Daodejing 16

Cultivate emptiness. Carefully guard stillness. All things arise after their fashion, then fall to rest again. Plants grow luxuriant, then return to their roots, which is stillness. That is the unchanging reality. Knowing this unchanging reality is intelligence. Not knowing it creates erratic action. Knowing unchanging reality creates compassion, and compassion leads to feeling one … More Daodejing 16