Daodejing 27

Skillful travelers leave no trace, neither of wheel nor footstep. Skillful speakers make no remarks, spreading neither fault nor blame. Skillful mathematicians need no calculators. Skillful carpenters need neither bolt nor bar, yet what they shut no one opens. Skillful binders use no strings or knots, yet untying their work is impossible. Those free of … More Daodejing 27

Keep Your Fingers

A.   Dice those digits— slice ’em one by one;   count your assumptions, see what abstraction    has done.    Take a peek at your patterns— might they be amiss?   You’ve thought of more  than you have seen   (which may be why  you’re pissed).      B.   A certain butcher’s knife … More Keep Your Fingers

My Gramma, Spunky

I won’t know you at last, spunky girl. I only I sat in that chair so long after your fact. My spunky gramma. Cancer killed her at last. But here she is, with fifty years to go, 1890 or so. Thinking in German. Because that’s how the family thought, until 1914 or so, when German … More My Gramma, Spunky