Keep Your Fingers



Dice those digits—

slice ’em one by one;


count your assumptions,

see what abstraction 


has done. 


Take a peek at your patterns—

might they be amiss?


You’ve thought of more 

than you have seen


(which may be why 

you’re pissed). 





A certain butcher’s knife

never dulled and so 

caught the attention 

of a story. Tools. It’s 


all in how we use 

them, not t’other way


round. Goes 

without saying—


stop dicing those digits,

don’t let them

dull you.





But as to what 

you assume, that


could take some slicing,

judicious. Use the


weight. No sawing. 

Sense the pattern


because you have 

already assumed

far more than 

you have seen.


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