the sun rises  on endings too   perhaps it will even  pull you from   a heap of ashen  images and take    your breath away   the sun rises on endings too    and   endings too  sometime prove sublime   Advertisements

Daodejing 24

Those who stand on tiptoes  do not stand firmly.   Those with long strides  do not walk comfortably.   Those with loud opinions  never get heard.    Those showing off  do not shine.    No one sees the conceited as worthy.   From the point of view of the way   all the above are … More Daodejing 24

Dancing the Real Authentic

Here’s what I hear: You want to be  Authentic and all. (Here’s to too much  Time spent at the  Baggage claim in Too many airports.) Here is what I learned: You can take the dark With you— It’s portable. But light, That slips away, Planted as it is In an effervescence Often even Considered real.

Daodejing 23

By nature we speak few words— after all, high winds don’t last all morning; a downpour does not fall all day. Why? Because even the earth, even the sky, can’t stay violent long. When we study the way of the creative universe, those pursuing it agree with us, and those practicing it agree with us, … More Daodejing 23