Daodejing 31

Weapons are instruments of death. Therefore, living things hate them. Followers of the way avoid weapons except in direst circumstance, preferring calm. Avoid victory by force— violence leads only to violence. Remember: a killer is never trusted long. Celebrate a victory like a funeral. Advertisements

Don’t Worry Death

Don’t worry death will erase  preconceptions, even deceptions,   even insurance fraud and various felonies   for that matter, any the matter—   mistakes, mistaken  identities, inauspicious births or stars,   pockmarks, dandruff, bankruptcies and un-  payable phone bills;     even embarrassments and every other -assment,  as a matter of fact,   every arrest, … More Don’t Worry Death

Daodejing 30

Here is advice for leadership in the way: don’t consider force— the result is predictable. Wherever an army is, briars and thorns spring up. Large armies lead to famine. A skillful leader strikes a decisive blow but never seeks total victory. He will win, then guard against his own arrogance. He strikes because he must, … More Daodejing 30

Daodejing 48

Study adds something day by day; wisdom discards something day by day—    discarding, discarding,   until there is nothing stirring, yet everything gets done.    A leader leads by relaxing. Doing otherwise is embarrassing.