Don’t Worry Death

Don’t worry death

will erase 


even deceptions,


even insurance fraud

and various felonies


for that matter,

any the matter—


mistakes, mistaken 

identities, inauspicious

births or stars,


pockmarks, dandruff,

bankruptcies and un- 

payable phone bills;  


even embarrassments

and every other -assment, 

as a matter of fact,


every arrest, desist,

and did I mention

identity, all of it—


down, down, down

as they say, to dusty,

as they say,


blown drifting

like prayers

 in hurricanes,


like the wishes

of the beggars


who will never ride.

Don’t worry, death

is the great leveler and


evenly level-headed, 

fixing what can’t be 

taxed, can’t get 


through congress,

even an act of, 

as they say—don’t

worry, death is a fix.


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