Heroes at the End (Seers in Retirement)

At the end you’ve seenit’s a lot likeRomeo andJuliet with cellphones. So there’s no mistakes.   It’s all aboutthe, LOL, rendezvous. It’s all abouthow it endsin dismalscenes, onlysome plotsare longer than others. You’ve seenthis, haven’tyou—that the master’s life isas empty ashe’s made theslave’s—that he stares at the same walls—done in finer linen. Yes, in your younger daysyou … More Heroes at the End (Seers in Retirement)

However They Have Writ the Style of Gods: Wounds and Healing

Here is the beautiful truth— saints and sinners are the same from the start. Hsu Yun, Chinese Chan Buddhist(freely adapted by me) As a young writer, I read everything I could find on the subject of writing. One of the books that impressed me at the time was written by novelist John Gardner called Moral … More However They Have Writ the Style of Gods: Wounds and Healing

Daodejing 32

  The unchanging way remains unmanageable. Even though it is small and simple, no one dares claim to be its master. If leaders really mastered it,all would submit to them—the skyand earth would suddenly unite, raining down plenty, and all people would share,fairly, without compulsion. When the way becomes action,we have a name for that … More Daodejing 32

Singing the Way

Go ahead–you know you want to  sing a song ofthe earth to a new tune. The imagination more real than real—isn’t the song sung deep all songs, and madness firmly embraced, all clear-eyed sanity? Sing on, heedless of the droning—your notes can be something new. Listen: where isthat firm voice? Is it more than the … More Singing the Way