Heroes at the End (Seers in Retirement)

At the end
you’ve seen
it’s a lot like
Romeo and
Juliet with cell
phones. So 
there’s no 

It’s all about
the, LOL,

It’s all about
how it ends
in dismal
scenes, only
some plots
are longer
than others.

You’ve seen
this, haven’t
you—that the
master’s life is
as empty as
he’s made the
he stares at

the same
in finer linen.

Yes, in your
younger days
you cruised

the labyrinth and
slew the monster
at the center and

gathered yourself
into your own
sacred myth. So

let’s just say
I promise to
grab your
black heart,
your box of
ashes from
the alter there.

Let’s just say
I’ll feel the
darkness, always,
of your passing
into the bits
of the universe,
into the fire.

Let’s just say
I will grab your
black heart then.

For now,
in the dark,
if you will.

And you will,

since after
you’ve seen
some darks
are darker

than dark,
you’ve seen

there’s no
one here
but us.


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