the way time works

Notice I’m not asking
you to see the same
thing—merely a road

and a full moon
in early evening

—that’s all &
imagine your
face raised
to take in
the cooling air

& that sudden
hit on the skin
that says—

here it is—
this is it—

a moment in time,
seriously—a now
that is some
kind of that.

Notice I’m asking
you to see your
own huge glass
jar of time burst
into fragments on
that same road
I’ll never see

& that’s how it is
—same road—
different evenings.


6 thoughts on “the way time works

  1. …kindred spirit…we have chosen your poem how time works as an object of contemplation today and been inspired to improvise a duet with your words…please visit and leave a comment….gassho, sacred warrior….^^~~~~

  2. david: made a couple polishing edits…one of the better improvs i have ever done on & with another poems words…your zennish taciturnity is always refreshing to a verbose romantic mystic like me…deep bow!

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