Long Way, Short Path

One side’s legitimacy does no imply the other’s lack of legitimacy.

~Jean-Francois Lyotard

It’s a long way to bucolic—difficult,
the sheep and costume. Even
the let-em-eat-cake lady, even

Marie Antoinette, longed
for that journey, playing
the shepherdess in the grass

of Versailles. And you know how
that ended up . . . the sheep
scattered. It’s a tough slog,

getting to bucolic. Ask Marie.
Ask Madame Deficit. Madame
That-Austrian-Woman. Madame

Chienne. Madame Let-Them-Eat-
Cake. Propaganda. Lies to reveal
a larger truth, perhaps. But

aren’t they all? And larger truths
more lies still. It’s a long road
to bucolic, difficult the sheep

and costume. Not so difficult
to execution. Much shorter for
the butcher and mass grave.


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