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America:—What’s Your Mission Statement? (#Ferguson #Thanksgiving)

The British novelist Charles Dickens toured the US in the early 1840s. Dickens was considerably left of center and had a particular dislike for monarchy and social class. He wanted to see firsthand this new nation that had thrown off the yoke of threadbare European ideas. Instead of encountering that shining city on a hill, … More America:—What’s Your Mission Statement? (#Ferguson #Thanksgiving)

On Perfect Moments

It’s tough then, not feeling beatific, when the sun obsesses on its morning haze and eternity sports a goatee. The day plays bongos, and even sea birds rest from the waves. Then, “frankly” can’t explain how frankly transcendence (satori, what-have-you) has caught the breeze. That’s when the future does more than ask, “What next?” and … More On Perfect Moments