A Little Animata


Augustine, estimable saint,
said we, us, people are terra
animata, “earth animated,”
“earth moving around.” Yes.
And for earth moving, there

are rules. Stones, for example,
can be a bad addition. Ice.
Fire. Copper, iron, steel—all
that much worse for terra
animata. Chance or time;

cudgels; wounds; broken bits;
jagged edges, or, well, aging
of the clay. For terra animata
dancing can get tough,
and breath slips away,

and hearing, in the crush, as
the terra grows un-animata;
in-animata. For terra animata
slowing, slowing . . . defunct.
Yes, earth stops its moving,

slow, slow breath . . . and still
again. (To teem again, but
that’s later.) Yes, estimable
saint, earth we are; earth
animated.For a little animata.


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