#Selma: Death of a Meta-narrative

OK, I admit it—I love it when postmodernism calls it right. And the screeches and whines that have emanated over media since the film appeared are the sound of metanarratives dying. It was the French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard who postulated that the essence of postmodernism is “incredulity toward metanarratives.” A metanarrative is a big overarching myth … More #Selma: Death of a Meta-narrative

Kinds of Turning

Poor Daniel of Volterra, Known now forever as “the trouserer,” paid to put pantaloons on the Sistine nudes— how’s that for a counter- reformation? Poor Daniel of Volterra, “Thus to nudity forever,” he said. And the world do turn ever, Daniel of Volterra, with pantaloons on and off, on and on.

What Kept Them Living

Wandering an old graveyard I nearly trip over a low marker. Words scratched into concrete, “Baby Boy 1909.” I can hear the talk. How it’s wasteful to use such a beautiful family name on someone who hardly lived at all. It’s that practicality that kept them alive, I suppose.