from The Handbook by Epictetus, “Where Your Piety Goes”

The essence of a proper
relationship with nature
is to see that nature

does what nature
does very well.

Obey nature.
Yield to nature.
Nature is wise.

Yield and you will not fault nature.
You won’t think nature is punishing you.

All you need remember is
what is within your power.

Good and evil? Remember what
is within your power.

You want to assign blame? Why?

Assign evil to something and
what do you do?
Blame those who do it?
What is the point?

Think about this: every creature is
inclined toward avoiding what it hates
and pursuing what it loves.

Think about this:
there is no way you will rejoice
in the success of those
you think hurt you.

Where our interests are,
that is where our piety goes.

Isn’t this the way with
the sailor and the weather

or the merchant and the deal?
And when we lose loved ones?

Learn nature. Then start noticing
where your desires and aversions go. IMG_1027


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