from Marcus Aurelius, “Exhortations To Himself”

XII. 1

All those things that you think will take you forever . . . you can have them now. If you don’t get in your own way. By that I mean, you may, if you can let the past be past, and trust that the future will happen, and focus on acceptance and justice.

Acceptance because you need to be where you are. Justice because you need to speak the naked truth according to the will of nature and the dignity of others.

Do not allow the misbehavior of others to deter you, nor the opinions of others, nor the fashions of the day, nor your own fears. Do these things and you will be alive now, listening to reason and nature. You will not fear death, but will rather be afraid of never living.

Then, you will be a human being worthy of the universe that produced you—you will cease being a stranger to where you are; you will cease being surprised by what happens every day; you will stop blaming everything and everybody else.


2 thoughts on “from Marcus Aurelius, “Exhortations To Himself”

  1. This last post from you by Marcus Aurelius made my day! Thank you. Please think about giving my community another of your wonderful lectures on this very topic. This cardinal message is so important to elders, who are at the peak of life experience, and who have long hind-sight, and many times the spirit and skill to share it…to share and revel in their time of life. Please say yes, David. Also, will we hear from Joan Soranno, the Lakewood Cemetery Architect ? This is a monumental (sic) opportunity. She is not only a great architect, but a straightforward communicator.

    I am so grateful to have found this amazing congregation, your beautiful leadership. Thank you. Mary

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