Daodejing 31

Weapons are instruments of death. Therefore, living things hate them. Followers of the way avoid weapons except in direst circumstance, preferring calm. Avoid victory by force— violence leads only to violence. Remember: a killer is never trusted long. Celebrate a victory like a funeral. Advertisements

Daodejing 47

  Why travel to understand  the world? Why look   out the window to learn the will  of the sky?     The farther we go,  the less we know    of ourselves.    Those free of themselves  learn without travel;   envision without looking;   they know reality without going out of their way. … More Daodejing 47

Daodejing 28

Know the masculine and the feminine.   In that knowledge become  a flowing stream, strong,  full, coursing through all humanity, just like a newborn babe.    Know the pure; value the impure,   and so become a valley strong and full,   like unworked wood.   Know the light; value the dark,   and so … More Daodejing 28

Daodejing 27

Skillful travelers leave no trace, neither of wheel nor footstep. Skillful speakers make no remarks, spreading neither fault nor blame. Skillful mathematicians need no calculators. Skillful carpenters need neither bolt nor bar, yet what they shut no one opens. Skillful binders use no strings or knots, yet untying their work is impossible. Those free of … More Daodejing 27