Daodejing 48

Study adds something day by day; wisdom discards something day by day—    discarding, discarding,   until there is nothing stirring, yet everything gets done.    A leader leads by relaxing. Doing otherwise is embarrassing.        Advertisements

Daodejing 47

  Why travel to understand  the world? Why look   out the window to learn the will  of the sky?     The farther we go,  the less we know    of ourselves.    Those free of themselves  learn without travel;   envision without looking;   they know reality without going out of their way. … More Daodejing 47

Daodejing 24

Those who stand on tiptoes  do not stand firmly.   Those with long strides  do not walk comfortably.   Those with loud opinions  never get heard.    Those showing off  do not shine.    No one sees the conceited as worthy.   From the point of view of the way   all the above are … More Daodejing 24

Daodejing 19

Forget wisdom; stop being an expert; then everybody  is better off.   When we stop  talking about justice,  we will find honest compassion.   When we drop rhetoric and forget scheming, there will be  no more theft.    Three things lead  toward understanding  the way of the universe:   See simply;  act in accord with … More Daodejing 19

Daodejing 15

The masters of the way of the creative universe, back in the old days, knew the elusive mysteries. Still, they shuddered like someone crossing an icy stream; they stayed awake at night, like people afraid of their neighbors; They were serious, like those at a dinner with powerful people. They were pliable, like melting ice; … More Daodejing 15