Daodejing 29

Try to seize a nation  and so discover failure.    Nations are living things, so cannot be got by grasping.   Those who attempt  to conquer will destroy.  Those who grasp will  find nothing to hold.   It is the way of the creative  universe that front becomes  back; warm turns to freezing, strong becomes … More Daodejing 29

Daodejing 26

Heaviness is the root of lightness; stillness determines movement. The wise, traveling all day, never stray far from supplies. Only close to home can we relax. Do the wise take Their bodies lightly? To do so is to forget the root, to get lost in movement, forgetting the goal.

Daodejing 3

When the privileged  are not promoted because of privilege,    no one wrangles.   When fancy things  are not prized, people will not steal.   Only disorder results  from desire for things.    Those free of themselves  encourage contented minds  and hearts, basic needs.   Those free of themselves  discourage grasping and strengthen bones.   … More Daodejing 3