Pick Up the Phone

Stories start with darkness. Then something moves. Sometimes it’s sex, sometimes breath. Sometimes with clay. Sometimes rocks. Often it’s a god. Voila! There’s us! Then we are naughty and things become as they are, which is kind of good with bad shot through, all in a clump like strands of cotton candy. Which brings me … More Pick Up the Phone

Heroes at the End (Seers in Retirement)

At the end you’ve seenit’s a lot likeRomeo andJuliet with cellphones. So there’s no mistakes.   It’s all aboutthe, LOL, rendezvous. It’s all abouthow it endsin dismalscenes, onlysome plotsare longer than others. You’ve seenthis, haven’tyou—that the master’s life isas empty ashe’s made theslave’s—that he stares at the same walls—done in finer linen. Yes, in your younger daysyou … More Heroes at the End (Seers in Retirement)

Singing the Way

Go ahead–you know you want to  sing a song ofthe earth to a new tune. The imagination more real than real—isn’t the song sung deep all songs, and madness firmly embraced, all clear-eyed sanity? Sing on, heedless of the droning—your notes can be something new. Listen: where isthat firm voice? Is it more than the … More Singing the Way

Don’t Worry Death

Don’t worry death will erase  preconceptions, even deceptions,   even insurance fraud and various felonies   for that matter, any the matter—   mistakes, mistaken  identities, inauspicious births or stars,   pockmarks, dandruff, bankruptcies and un-  payable phone bills;     even embarrassments and every other -assment,  as a matter of fact,   every arrest, … More Don’t Worry Death