Marcus Aurelius, from “Exhortations to Himself”

If you want tranquility, focus. Isn’t it best to focus on what it takes to be a decent social animal? Such actions bring not only the tranquility that comes from doing well, but also the satisfaction that comes from focusing on doing only a few important things. Face it—most of what we say and do … More Marcus Aurelius, from “Exhortations to Himself”

What A Miracle Is

Once I crossed the Sierra Madres with a bus driver named Arturo who had one arm and a stick-shift bus.   Sometimes between the the shift and wheel Arturo’s  good right arm would pause to make the sign  of the cross toward a portrait  of the Virgin that banged  the windshield from a string.   … More What A Miracle Is

Daodejing 68

Wise leaders act without aggression— no anger, no attacking. Wise leaders act without assumption, bringing out the best in others. Action without aggression is in harmony with all that is. Therefore it convinces others. It is the ancient path of unity.