Daodejing 5 #tao

The universe is neither “good” nor “evil” outside of human standards. The universe treats all things like so many straw dogs. Earthly rulers also treat others like so many straw dogs. The space between sky and earth is empty, like a bellows, moving and moving, and out comes more. Take care of what is within … More Daodejing 5 #tao

Daodejing 3

When the privileged  are not promoted because of privilege,    no one wrangles.   When fancy things  are not prized, people will not steal.   Only disorder results  from desire for things.    Those free of themselves  encourage contented minds  and hearts, basic needs.   Those free of themselves  discourage grasping and strengthen bones.   … More Daodejing 3

Meditations on Spirituality (I-VI)

I.  Religion, from the Latin religare, “to bind fast” (folk etymology–origin unknown).   Religion is the software of humanity bound by geography and time, by culture and language (until recently. Now not as much).   Spirituality, from the Latin spiritus, “breath.”  Spirituality is the hardware– the stuff of human consciousness itself.      II.   … More Meditations on Spirituality (I-VI)